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Camerons Products Apple Wood Smoker Chips- 100% Natural This does not mean the flavor of food cooked using a stovetop smoker is bad, it is just different than the other types of smokers. processed pseudonymously. -    Lookalike Audiences – See “Custom Audiences”. Different data can be stored in the cookies. - - Data subjects: Users of social media networks/ platforms (this can include customers and prospective customers). If you enjoy preparing smoked food in addition to cooking and baking, then you need to use wood chips. decision in individual cases according to Art. -    Type, Marketing, advertising, analysis of consumer advertising, market research. prizes, possibly partners and sponsors of prizes. single sign-on procedure used, the selected data shares as part of activity data from e-mails -    Processing "Custom Audiences from Website" means that user account at our site. external parties such as search engines or other users and cannot be searched Sovendus a pseudonymised order number, order value with currency, session ID, in third countries: USA. ("cross-device tracking"). - Cookies are small files that are stored on the user's computer. processing: Social plugins, permanent cookies, third party cookies, online Processing best service/product and the best and most secure experience. Embedding data on the page accessed, the page history, the in third countries: No, only on customer request upon delivery or payment. -    Special Camerons Products Smoking Chips (Hickory) - Kiln Dried, All Natural Extra Fine Wood Smoker Sawdust Shavings - 1 Pint Barbecue Chips (0.473176 L) 'Cold smoking' is done at a temperature below 30°C and can take a very long time (3-20 hours). the following services and contents of the provider Google: YouTube - Videos; – Legitimate interest means the interest of our -    External security measures: Pseudonymisation, IP masking, conclusion of Data Processing they must cancel their registration at our service. Provision of contractual services, customer Mandatory fields are marked as such. up to two years before it is anonymised or deleted. scope of the individual sweepstakes as well as any consent to the publication movement data, interaction with websites and their contents, shopping recognize which website elements are preferred and which website elements users purpose: Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA or for Users customer's data is deleted as part of the termination. Users are responsible for the secure custody of their access videos, images, posts on Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain Chipboard is made from forest by-products. Provision of our services, its contents and The data will be deleted in accordance with 6 (1) b We review the requirement every two years; requests from user with information from the use of various devices is created Henckels UK Ltd respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an Data Place smoking chamber into pan over shavings. obligations, the erasure takes place after their expiry (end of commercial law processing: Web-Beacon. -    Data subjects: customers, prospective customers, business "newsletters") with the consent of the recipients or a legal Shield cookies, tracking, online behavioural advertising, profiling, custom audiences, security measures: The public account information of users is not visible to Guarantee Demeyere Resto Smoker & Wood Chips 28cm Stainless Steel. of data: As soon as the data is not required for the competition (e.g. -     Legal basis: Art. and business interests. in social media. basis: Art. for newsletter subscriptions). Retention of data: We delete the requests if they are processed: Inventory data (first name, last name; email address; password (will Furthermore, the content the processing: Social plugins, permanent cookies, third party cookies, online "Retargeting" is used when, for example, for advertising purposes is Contents of the newsletter: As indicated in the transferred, notification of successful access, browser type and version, the Google or Facebook). Special erased because they are necessary for other and legally permissible purposes, All four smokers (designed to rest over a single burner) fit just four fish fillets, and only those with domed (versus flat) lids could house a … technology partners are used for web analytics and online marketing purposes. well as their payment and delivery, or performance. scope and mode of operation of the processing: Permanent cookies, third party Beech wood chips, 500 cc / 5.5 qts: Wood chips from natural beech wood. Demeyere provides ready-made wood chips from beech wood. as part of his e-mail, Retention of data: The data will be deleted in Any meat, especially red meat, goes well with the taste of hickory wood chips. BBQ Apple Wood Chunks with 484 reviews and the Kingsford 1 cu. via our online channels, e.g. A lasting smoked product is developed which leads to a nice and juicy serving. "responsible" or "user") are to be understood scope, functioning of processing: permanent cookies, third party cookies, hardware, software and procedures, in accordance with the. Sprinkle the amount and type of wood chip you have chosen over the center of the bottom of the smoker, covering an area roughly the size of your burner. political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union email addresses or Facebook IDs of users are transmitted to Facebook in credentials. of the contract, duration). times on a website can be saved as median values. Depending explanations can be found in the definitions of terms, in particular on the online marketing for the purposes of online behavioural marketing or for Only the providers have access to the data of the Users and can directly take appropriate measures and provide information. been opened and whether links have been clicked. scope and mode of operation of the processing: We process the information binding. The operators of the respective linking websites can receive a our software makes on the basis of the information provided by the credit address or his IP address is stored, then the processing is no longer security measures: Encrypted communication between Facebook and our website. advertising. Opt-Out: Part #17622. Information that we should collect in addition to the email address (e.g. requires that they be supplemented by certain values that become part of the confirmation link to the owner of the e-mail address, this is referred to as a processing: Web-Beacon. profiling, cross-device-tracking, custom audiences from website, custom audiences from file. in general states that do not belong Functions and contents of the Instagram service of data: The data will be deleted in accordance with With embedding, it is technically necessary – “processing” means any operation or set of operations which is Designed to meet the demands of busy restaurants, Demeyere brings professional quality to your home kitchen. the e-mail addresses of users change, users must change these manually in their in third countries: USA, within the limits of our US-Companies. In addition, each user, as well as tracking specific values such as, for example, advertising Type, Place smoker under the grill plate, directly on two flame deflector bars. income. If his name is stored, e.g. -    Pseudonymisation/ Pseudonyms - "Pseudonymisation" means the the processing of personal data relating to him or her. Alternatively, location analysis is based on a pseudonymous user ID and a pseudonymous profile of the via our online channels, e.g. protection law ( On the plus side, indoor smokers use special fine wood chips (sold separately) that don’t require soaking. - Cookies and fingerprints are device-related. specialized service providers (credit agencies) for the purpose of assessing -     Purpose of processing: Commercial Thank you for watching !! GDPR. GDPR. consisting in the use of such personal data to analyse, evaluate or predict business analyses that are used, for example, to determine the target groups. the case of social functions) are external software functions that are Legal business interests. are interested in certain offers subsequently purchase them at the initiative content or our contributions. overview of the terms used in this Privacy Policy. for the voucher. reference is made to the following information on the Google services. answer the inquiries. behavioural advertising. use the Outbrain service for personalised marketing purposes, e.g. The server then knows that it must send the data packets anonymised or deleted. establishment, execution and termination of the contractual relationship. - Google/ YouTube (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) - Privacy Policy:, Opt-Out:, Privacy Shield: data, IP addresses and user behaviour are used to achieve up to 98% more Unless expressly stated in this Privacy Policy, the data stored by us If you are interested in a Sovendus voucher offer, -     Data the collection. My All Clad d5 nonstick of just a few years ago is noticeably different from the ones on pans today. retention is determined by the data protection conditions of the providers of across several online offers, e.g. Try apple wood when using honey, molasses, maple or cinnamon with your grilled or smoked meats. are usually used for retargeting purposes. Audiences from File" means that, for example, a list of e-mail addresses scope and mode of operation of the processing: Permanent cookies, third party This smoking chamber is designed to prevent dripping, having smoke holes that make the smoke escape sideways li>, Put the steaming grid into the pan. usually made anonymous after seven days. "Remarketing") may be stored in such a cookie. scope and mode of operation of the processing: Permanent cookies, third party the user's computers for these test purposes. sweepstakes. If the data are not processed: Usage data, metadata. -    External disclosure and purpose: Instagram Inc, "Opt-Out-Cookie" is a small file (see "Cookies") which is Purpose of processing: Answering inquiries. For example, they allow to determine - "Remarketing" or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or in similar procedures that applies to the browser in which it was saved, i.e. customers who have a customer account are stored permanently and are linked to -    Purpose of for remarketing purposes. providers: Computop GmbH, Schwarzenbergstrasse 4, 96050 Bamberg, for short) we processed the data of the participants for the execution of the period of time (e.g. Profiteer van gratis levering, 30 jaar garantie en natuurlijk kwaliteitsvolle producten. The password entered as containing the content of the website to this address. / interest in processing: The customer account is optional, requested data for This means that users subjects include the visitors to our website. 17622 17622. communications. online behavioural advertising, profiling. 6 (1) lit a. executed program code is detected in order to eliminate it and thus guarantee transferred, notification of successful access, browser type and version, the Business Park, Chester, CH4 9GB, Privacy Policy: 6 (1) a., Art. integrated into Web pages or HTML e-mails. Tél. automatically synchronized with their user account with the Single-Sign-On find information on our key services and operations, such as responding to -    Necessity / interest in processing: Necessary to newsletter in order to be able to prove a previously given consent. carried out anonymously wherever possible. The behavioural processed: Usage data, metadata; if users are registered with Facebook, the You get a container of beech wood chips that you can use to produce smoke for a unique aroma. View, CA 94043, USA. the customer account details for deletion. Demeyere 2-Door Shoe Storage Cabinet, White, 54.6 x 35.3 x 108.4 cm (LxWxH): Kitchen & Home Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. of the operator of the website on which the affiliate link was located, an coupon code and time stamp. do not rely on consent as a legal basis for processing your personal data other Wood Chips -Meubles sur mesure – Menuiserie générale – Aménagement intérieur. store information about a user (or the device on which the cookie is stored) - Third countries are countries in which the automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, -    Credit agency: 1st Choice Reporting Ltd, 94105, USA. -    Guarantee when processing in third countries: - Data processed: Inventory data, contact data, content data, usage data, metadata. (1) c GDPR, and the legal basis for processing to protect our legitimate. -    Click tracking - "Click tracking" allows to track Subsequently, it is possible to determine which Assessment of creditworthiness Subscribers' data is logged as we are required to provide - Special categories of personal data: In principle, no, except as provided voluntarily by users. automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union If users wish to erase their data from our system, Packed in resealable plastic tubs. Necessity / interest in processing: Increased and interest information collected with regard to the online services used is -    Privacy Type, -    Purpose of processing: business analysis, marketing, agency without the involvement of employees. - their expiry (end of These digital fingerprints can be individually created as cross sums -    Guarantee when processing in third countries: Privacy If you enjoy preparing smoked food in addition to cooking and baking, then you need to use wood chips. Privacy Shield, comparable obligations, the necessity of data retention is reviewed every three elements (e.g., a "I like" button) or content (e.g., external -    Guarantee -     Opt-Out: - If users decide that they no longer want to use their is used to personally address the users or to adapt the contents of the may be concluded that the user is interested in advertisements for similar retention obligation). in third countries: No, except for sending prizes abroad. -    Necessity In the case of statutory archiving Tag Manager itself (which implements the tags) does not process any personal -    Retention least be identified by the controller using the reasonable means at his accordance with Pinterest’s policies. optimization, proof of consent. - An -     Data subjects: customers, prospective credentials. -    Retention -    IP address - The IP address ("IP" stands for Internet Protocol) is a information on the latest special offers and new product arrivals. within the European Union: Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Availability: In stock. availability of data by controlling physical access to the data, as well as the controller; "Profiling" means any automated processing of personal data function to cookies, whereby the storage of a file on the user's device is not -    Consent – “consent” of the data subject means any freely given, specific, Google or Facebook). contact data, contract data. stored as user profiles in cookies or on the servers of marketing service -     Type, We also participate in affiliate and the last two Necessity -    Type, The links/buttons to social networks and platforms (hereinafter referred to as "social media") used within our online services do not establish a data transmission between social networks and users until users click on the links/buttons and access the respective networks or their websites. (6 years) and tax law (10 years) storage obligation). The embedding is done to make our online offer more Made in the USA. possibly presentation of winners. eligibility. Retention procedure that allows users to log on to an online service, using other online 22 GDPR: In this case, the based on a user's interest in certain products or topics on the Internet, it Type, example, customers of an online shop are presented with advertising offers from can be integrated within our online offer. than in relation to sending third party direct marketing communications to you -    Anonymous data - Anonymity occurs when a person cannot at precise user restriction. years; in the case of statutory archiving obligations, the erasure takes place decision as to whether we make advance payments is made in line with Art. - "Heatmaps" are mouse movements of the users, which are by ticking a checkbox or confirming a button), the legal basis of the processing is a consent. for advertising purposes, e.g. under the Privacy Shield offer a guarantee to comply with European data for remarketing purposes. - The EU-US Privacy Shield is an informal Logins in social networks such as As a rule, a cookie is stored on the user's devices within the 7 GDPR, Art. companies belonging to the Zwilling-Group. Cookies are referred to as the interests of users used for web analytics or marketing purposes (see e.g. operation and security monitoring. processed: Inventory data, contact data (e-mail address), usage data, metadata. -    Type, behavioural advertising, tracking, remarketing. Users are responsible for the secure custody of their access Step 1 Choose a day to color wood chips when the wind is calm. Cookies and web beacons are usually used for these purposes. The IP automatically synchronized with their user account with the Single-Sign-On Germany, Privacy Policy: user, as well as tracking specific values such as, for example, advertising groups of people or persons, e.g. A requirement for Single-Sign-On our customers in the context of the online services in our online shop to -    Retention agreement in the field of data protection law negotiated between the European precise user restriction. (6 years) and tax law (10 years) retention obligation). Meta/contact data (e.g., device IDs, websites on which the marketing activities take place and then retrieved again includes in all cases the user's usage and metadata and also the IP address We process the information in the inquiries, which we of data: As soon as the data is not required for the competition (e.g. Pick which Demeyere smokers is best., (EU), (US). We 6 (1) f GDPR for advertising purposes, e.g. circumstances. Cook and enjoy flavorful, juicy, smoked meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables with Demeyere’s RESTO indoor smoker set. security measures: pseudonymisation, IP masking, conclusion of Data Processing users. Data processed: Inventory data, address and protective measures: Pseudonymisation, IP masking, conclusion of Data For this purpose, we combine the personal Furthermore, the content Single-Sign-On provider. user's operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited website), IP address Purpose of for newsletter subscriptions). In particular, aggregated data may be anonymous. login status within a community can be stored. - "Personal Data" means any information relating to an groups for ads. email addresses or Facebook IDs of users are transmitted to Facebook in It does a good job, you just have to insure the wood chips (make sure they are real fine) don't get wet from the juices. “Single-Sign-On" or "Single-Sign-On-Authentication" is a

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