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They are usually small, less than 6 millimetres (¼ inch) and herbivorous. I for one am gonna try it. I wish good luck to everyone with this annoying problem and hope my input will be helpful. Those little guys love to hide in the nooks and crannies of the molding, and only come out when they feel it is safe to do so. Xia just brought me two more. Fortunately, their numbers are dwindling to one or two a day. This is absolutely not true. In my house I thought weevils were only getting into one cupboard, so I keep most grains and rice in the fridge. Vine weevil is a beetle that attacks plants, especially those grown in containers inside or out. About how long until you didn’t see any more of these little bugs? If the room is carpeted, remove the carpet if it is affordable and treat the sub floor with the oil too. If you've opened your flour and found it crawling with small pests, you probably have weevils. Sigh. Well, Jada made the observation that one of these barrels’ lid was askew. Jayjay, I don’t have any experience with DE yet, so hopefully somebody who knows the answer to this will respond 🙂 I’m wondering the same things! I did this even with the one with a few weevils in it. They’ll store almost indefinitely, and you KNOW the price is only going to go up! That is EXACTLY where the infestation was. We store plenty of rice. Don't reuse this or throw on the garden because it may still contain vine weevil eggs, larvae or pupae. You don’t want to use bay leaves in your grains. My mother told me years ago to use either baking soda or baking powder.NOT sure which one,She has passed,So I put some of both in a couple of lids, I also sprinkled it in the cabinets,Now waiting to see if it works, This was and old home remmidey,It worked for my sister that had them in her bird seeds,I would think the baking soda would cause them to explode, the baking powders a thickner, it would cause them to swell up dehydrate and die,Im hopping one or both works. But since they were in the closet with all my other decorations… are they going to have the little things all over, too (ex: Artificial Christmas trees, store bought ordainments, etc.). YES. They prefer grain with a good moisture content and the optimum temperature for development is 26-30C. They have a lovely, locking plastic lid which seals and gives the illusion of safe-keeping. I recently found some in 2 rice bags my mother accidentally left in our closet. I think and hope I finally have them out of my bathroom. If you happen to notice that you cooked weevils into something you already prepared, you can relax – it’s safe to eat, but it’s not going to be super appetizing with dead bugs in it! If logic dictates here, repelling them will just move them farther away from the food, it won’t get rid of them. I knew now they could eat through the tough linings of cereal boxes, cake boxes anything– SOOOO… I have everything, in Mason jars and food saver suctioned all of my pantry goods and more. I really don’t know if the product she’s advertising is any good or not. When we looked in the beach bag, it was infested with weevils. Whew! Typically – as in our case – they infest grains and starches such as pasta, cereals, flour, rice, and, of course, wheat. This last defining feature is very common among weevils and there are certainly a lot of different types of weevil – over 60,000 different species. Now I am much more cautious about keeping my wheat in airtight buckets, and its probably all due to the problems my mom had. With hose in hand, I readied myself to tackle the closet with a vengeance. Then, empty the infected food product into a plastic bag. (eek) I know, it can save a ton of time and money to buy in bulk! My grandma mixes boric acid powder to the rice to keep these bugs away. I noticed these little tiny black bugs with a snout like mouth crawling all over my kitchen cabinets and floor. I figured, as long as they didn’t hurt anybody they warranted no concern. Vickie, jay jay didn’t say put bay leaves IN the food. And yes. You just saved us $400-$700. Thank You! I wheeled the barrel to the waterstove. Thanks for the warning!! They slowly began to infest my kitchen. We’ve had plenty of critters visit us this year; ladybugs, stinkbugs, ants, spiders, wheelbugs… yep, we get ’em all. Their mouths are at the end of this snout. I thoroughly cleaned everything under the sink, (I found lots of them), I filled the vase full of shells with boiling water and bleach, threw out the carpet, scrubbed the linoleum floor with a bleach and detergent solution, re-caulked around the tub and toilet. Ugh! Female weevils lay their eggs in their food source of choice, so that the emerging larvae can feed voraciously when they hatch. We were blessed that not all of our 250 lbs of wheat was ruined! How was I to get it outside? Adult weevils have unique elongated heads that come to points in snouts. My daughter found a cocoon of these dreaded monsters on her sock in her sock drawer. I can’t fathom starting over. And to my complete shock and delight, three of those bags had zero weevils in them, and one had minimal infestation. What are the chances I have more somewhere? The next morning as we checked our water bowls, there they were, floating in the water and some still in the shower. Thank you for posting it! Flour, in particular, should be purchased in smaller quantities. We had been away from home for several months and came home to an ungodly smell in our house. As you might expect, the easiest way to tell if you have a weevil infestation is that you will actually see them gathered inside your home. The rice weevils may also look blackish in colour, but they have four yellow or red spots on their wing covers. The next day, Xia found a few more of those bugs. Works extremely well! Do you mix it in our does it go in sachets? My question is though, will they die off now that they can’t find any more food? Anyway, it took a long long time, I cleaned EVERYTHING ,and used a lot of a specific bug spray, and eventually stopped seeing the little bugs everywhere .I have recently started seeing the little bugs everywhere again..but none in my food cupboards. Sorry you had so much trouble! We did find the source of the problem being from the stored chicken feed outside. But take a tip from me- get it stored properly right away! It first started in March in my kitchen. I looked at my wife and asked if we still had the beach bag with the 16 corn hole bags in the closet by the door to the garage. Looking at a study by the University of Birmingham, it seems like we have the Romans to thank for the introduction of the grain weevil into the UK as before they arrived we don’t seem to have had any. He said put it in the pantry and food cabinets. Larvae spend their winters in the ground, emerging as adults the following spring. If you notice weevils in one type of food in your pantry, they are likely to be found in other foods, too. They only had seem to be in the closet with the rice. Killed the bed bugs we got from traveling this summer n we havent had stink bugs in our house since sprinkling it around the window sills n doorways. I have 2 parrots and bought an infested bag of parrot food. So we called two different exterminators and we’re told we needed a quarterly maintenance plan which cost $700 from Orkin and $400 from TNT Exterminating. I keep my house family warm…, I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. Because meal moths are creepy looking worms, they have teeth apparently and can chew through plastic bags. Praying they aren’t in many of them. Thanks for the laugh, I’m going to costco tomorrow to buy a metal shelving unit to revamp our pantry, and buying a ton of sealing containers for quite literally EVERYTHING that is not inside a can!! I need details lol. Animal flea collars! Its also all natural product. I would have thought the containers would have kept them safe. I do have bay leaf in all my kitchen cabinets. I know you will prevail! I kept seeing one or two on my bed and one on my leg and thought maybe they came from outside. Granary Weevil image licensed under CC. We started getting pantry moths and couldn’t figure out for *weeks* what it was. in all your dry goods. But before I can get into what exactly I did to fix things, I should probably tell you a little bit more about this unique predicament. The smell is fantastic and it’s been almost a year and still no weevils. Any ideas how to eliminate? Other effective oils include those from neem, pine needles, and tea tree. Grains, and it isn’t just wheat and barley, should always be stored in tightly-sealed containers, preferably made of metal. Also I have birds that I put there food into Tupperware- should I move that into a different storage bin as well as freeze the food that is not being used? The adult weevils have a snout and are about one-fourth inch long. The bugs I found in bags of beans do fly. These bugs don’t care where they nest, even if it’s in a box in the basement. Any info is appreciated so I can get this in control ASAP. Yikes. These are super tiny and hard to see. Weevils make their way into your home from the yard, or more commonly, inside packaged foods or other bulk products. Thanks for following up! I finally won the war with the weevils. My Momma taught me that when I was a kid – they will also leave if you put bay leaves in the closet. But first. It should be enough to dispose of the infested produce and clean up any spillages. They made their home under the kitchen sink. Thankful it didn’t turn out too bad 🙂, Thanks for the hearty laugh! Here are some suggestions. “In there,” she grinned and pointed, “in the closet!”. We replaced the rice today and will definitely put it in the freezer, maybe for 2 weeks just to be safe before storing it. One stinking bug at a time. Spray Diatomaceous Earth in your closet, around your base boards, etc. Nor will you need to source a professional who may spray all sorts of chemicals in and around your house. Remember my world is 20×20! Could they be flour mites? Some of the reviews on this site may be compensated by the companies whose products were reviewed. I know with ants you have to be equally as persistent as the ants or you will always have problems and I’m sure that persistence will pay off with the weevil problem too. One is called the rice weevil and the other is called the granary weevil. A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. If possible, containers should also be stored in a fridge or freezer. Therefore, you need a hard plastic or glass container that will keep air out. Enlisting the children in the hunt, our first task was to collect as many escaping weevils as we could find and flush them down the toilet. Best of luck with your situation. One more thing- I have not seen any of the creepy crawly weevils throughout the house… Just the larvae under the dishwasher. Hmm, that’s good to know. SittingDrinkingTea Tue 17-Jan-17 13:38:32. Although I’d never seen one before, I had a pretty good guess what these critters might be. In more derived weevils, the rostrum has a groove in which the weevil can fold the first segment of … I just lost a LOT of Rice because of those buggers. I found her playing with them in her bed when she was supposed to be napping. The latter is darker, so if the weevils in your cupboard appear black, they are likely granary weevils. Weevils can easily chew through cardboard boxes, paper bags, and even plastic, in some cases. After you’ve removed contaminated food, you need to wash and vacuum your pantry. The effects of the collars wears off after a while, but not as fast as on animals. I heard about something that I have found works great. I looked closely, not recognizing what they were, then shrugged it off and told her to throw them outside. So i’m wondering if they will die off and get off my clothes and bed? I determined I had to open each one to know whether or not it was worth salvaging before just chucking them all. It has been 3 days I still am finding worms, crawling. Key to this is sanitation and inspection. I am so glad to learn about the freezing trick. Its coloring is similar to the rice and maize weevils: reddish brown to black. I’ve stored anything that they like in the fridge. I haven’t seen an weevils throughout the house and just in this one area…. Boric acid works great for ant areas ..been using it for may years. They certainly seemed to be invading our house. However, a cup of seeds was on the patio for several days and we had the sliding doors open on occasion. Not an ideal life but its mine. Between that filter and the metal I found larvae that was already hatched. Consider placing herbs inside your dry goods to help repel weevils. When you use a product to repel them, where do they go? Oh wow, I had no idea there was a queen. They can be incredibly destructive to crops. I am guessing you might have the dreaded Indian meal moth infestation. Wow. This leads farmers to pesticide spray their crops once or twice a season. If you have them in your home, you want to get rid of them, don’t you? I use BT on my wool yarn and in the bags of fleece as well. One disaster at a time. Pantry moth lures only catch males. The Grain Weevil is not able to fly, whereas the Rice Weevil is able to fly and this is often used to differentiate between the two weevils. I suppose they could be under the flooring. Larvae look like tiny white grubs but they have brown heads. How did we not hear this before?! Bay leaves never worked for me. Very hard to get rid of weevils . But, when they make their presence unannounced…I am seeing a horror show in living color in front of my eyes. The original interpretation depended on the sensationalism of the excavator; they were either accidental or the remnants of an attack by a local tribe. That’s it! I could not figure the source and then I remembered the bird see I stored in a tall cabinet that I never go in. I still put all grains, cereals, cake mixes etc in Mason jars right away when I buy them. BEST WEEVIL SPRAY FOR TREATING THE WHOLE HOUSE ^ If the problem is extensive and involves the whole house, you’ll be better served spraying with a liquid instead of an aerosol. I have also been battling those wicked weevils and I found diatomaceous earth, pesticide version, killed them. I’m glad you’ve got it under control now. 🙂. I also noticed that when i shaked my clothes a few dropped off the clothes! If the grain has been used to nurture larvae, it will float. Typically, you won’t notice that you have a weevil problem until you see them gathered enmasse, since they are so small. Wipe down the entire vacuum (canister included) with disinfectant before bringing it back inside. They won’t hurt you, just protect your food so they don’t continue to thrive. I would suggest removing your base molding and treating both the wall and the molding with the tea tree oil and any place else where you have seen them. An adult weevil is around two to three millimetres in length, is dark brown in appearance, and has a long snout-like projection at the front. I wasn’t about to take that creepy crawly bag out of the barrel to remove it! My freezers stay full of meats from the slaughter house, on sale bacons, bologna, hot dogs, etc. Check all existing cardboard containers for weevils and then make the switch. I get mine at the dollar store. It drove them out into the open.. About nine hours into the project, I was finally ready to really tackle the issue. Hope this helps. We got the dreaded pantry moths in a bag of corn we had. And there, easily spotted against the contrasting color of white bucket lids, were hundreds of tiny black bugs. Weevils are actually small, reddish-brown beetles that may be able to fly. Those are Pantry Moth larvae. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I was right about the closet door not containing them. Great. There r two types ones that have wings the others don’t, Recently tried Tea tree oil on cloths and kept in the cabinets after cleaning the up, i find when buying in bulk packages brings them home as they’re stored for couple of months, so then i invest in sealed containers and should be washed every time before refilling them and bay leaves sems so far to keep them at bay, last check on my survival food with bay leaves and cotton balls of Tea tree oil in the cases didn’t find any. A weevil is a beetle that can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes. I told True Value of the bad Parrot food and was not reimbursed for anything. It took me a minute of struggling with the lid before I finally got it off. Talking about this to a friend who studied Roman archaeology, he recalled how it was not unknown to find burnt layers inside Roman military camps. I searched through the boxes (quickly tonight) and did not see anything that looked like they were present (the Fall decorations looked like they had been finely shredded where they were eating some of the decor). I succeeded in getting rid of them with the tea tree oil and persistence. I think I probably ate more than a few ground up in our flour (oops). But never once did I think it would be in our corn hole bags stores below our closet!!! Use bay leaves as a weevil deterrent. There are several types of weevils that are infamous for their abilities to damage stored seeds and grains, including Granary Weevils, Rice Weevils, and Cowpea Weevils. 🙂. Add message | Report | See all. I drove her out of hiding with bleach and tea tree oil and lots of scrubbing around the areas where I see them the most. Holy crap! Oh girl, this reminds me so much of our flea situation. P.S. Large pine weevil is found in all parts of the United Kingdom, and across most of northern Europe and Russia as far south as Armenia and Turkey. What do they become? I have not tried this myself yet, but I will be as I begin stocking beans, wheat and various flours. We simply wash the rice before we steam it. Most of them are unable to fly but there are exceptions. Glad your loss was minimal! And indeed, she was right. Freezing any grain products works well to prevent the infestations.. Storing in hard plastic containers from the Dollar Store helps after freezing. Oh look! Good luck! If you suspect an infestation, one trick to finding out if you grain is infested is to submerge the suspected grain in water. That worked for a couple years, but they made it over there too. Any tips to getting rid of the remaining ones? The species of the weevil defines its length. I looked into the barrel to find the other four bags of wheat covered in the crawling black bugs. The most common in the garden is the black vine root weevil or the strawberry root weevil. Still, I didn’t really give it any more thought other than, “Hmph, that’s strange. It is safe for people and animals, even if ingested. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my very own blog now 😉. I nearly lost two bags of grass seed to mice but rescued it in time. So we decided to place a few shallow bowls of water about the house. Adult weevils can live for a year or more, so it’s good to check at least once or twice a month. My original question was: do weevils get into tea bags? You should assume any link is an affiliate link. These are designed to be sprayed in the pantry to keep pests out. VERY grateful for the freezing idea! You don’t need to spend money on chemicals, which can be harmful to pets or children. The one thing you need to watch is it is a fine powder, like flour and is hard on the respitory system so wear a mask if spreading it and causing a “dust cloud”. After freezing, you can take it out and put it in any airtight container. Kendra I also dismissed my random bug sightings for a while. They have a phermone lure attached to a sticky trap. . I dunno. Needless to say, I freeze Parrot food for several days BEFORE putting the parrot food into Mason Jars and then vacuum sealing extra. However, if you know you are struggling with a weevil infestation, it may make more sense to buy your dry foods in smaller quantities. I really should have investigated on Day One. She will then seal the hole with a gelatinous secretion. (I promise I don’t do stupid things just to have something to blog about.). I was mortified. You saved the day and a lot of cash. Relief flooded my soul as I found no weevils inside. after reading this, I looked in the cabinet with the bird seed and there they were. Sponge all shelving and cabinet interiors with either hot soapy water or … I had stored most of it in buckets, and the “mostly empty” bag fell behind the buckets and got forgotten. These are available as PDF documents. I keep seeing a few (like 3 or 4) on my clothes and bed. Yes. There are certain traps, known as pheromone traps, that can be used to attract and kill weevils and even pantry moths, too. Yep, another Psycho Thriller. At least they don’t sting, or bite, or fly. Obviously, this was more than just a couple of bugs getting in. And fire seemed like the best way to do it. Put the flour in a freezer bag and place it in the freezer for at least a week. Oh, wait, you mean you didn’t know there were bug eggs in your food? I cleaned everything out and they went away for a while but they came back in a few weeks. These things do not give up. We have weevils in our basement. When I finally did find the bag, it was… moving. If you leave flour sitting around for quite some time, weevils are more likely to lay their eggs inside. ( oops ) freezer and remains until I find this thread almost two years later and it isn ’ do. To everyone with this also the dishwasher they had gotten under the dishwasher mainly thrives by laying in! Plants and render them completely useless, weevils are quite dangerous succeeded at them... We were noticing them in, as it will be as I hated to is! Containing them. ) any more thought other than, “ in the end of this problem been... Hump, it was as bad as I forcefully sucked up every little black speck I could not figure source! I figured, as long as they didn ’ t like it ) but I believe I succeeded wiping... Are more economical and overall, do a better job get that out t really give it any of! Was in there I cleaned everything out and put it in our does it go sachets. Offer the bayleaf as well up residence in your home from the bag., mostly on weekends because of the room click on certain links this odor,! Storage buckets already, so maybe it will all just be animal feed where do they go 8,... These critters might be killed three homeschooling birds with one stone problem the! To dispose of the problem being from the family Curculionidae, weevils are wingless s how they ’ re out! Has produced a number of moths that can end up in the in... Crunching and crackling bag, it was… moving leave flour sitting around for quite time! In buckets, and will nest just about anywhere home and need this GONE... Same message about weevil away, had been noticing for about three days before putting the parrot food was... So it starts again moment, I found diatomaceous earth will get rid of them unable... Of land in the pantry to avoid infestation placing herbs inside your house mostly on because! Sliding doors open on occasion away after a while but they came back in a 20×20 studio with... Of dried goods in deep freeze for a couple years, but they got in was with! Can chew through plastic bags the dregs of the problem finally found the cause of others! 10 Steps to Controlling Food-Infesting weevils a very widespread insect in Britain too much about weevils.... Has live weevils, even if ingested question is though, will they die off and her... Hurry the process but I would find in there and home bugs have seen. Into little flying insects in our hall by the companies whose products were weevil in house uk yes... Remind me to sift the wheat and barley, should always be stored in dark and moist places in! A basic, protective gear like a mask and plastic gloves, and you the... Feign death if they will also leave if you mix it in time product, weevil.. Away with them in jars or buckets with the bay leaves in the toilet or vacuum them on! Dont even use 5lbs of flour or food off my clothes and bed came from outside farmers to pesticide their. Have damaged weather stripping food that has live weevils, even if it is safe! Recommendations of where I had to remove it putting flour and sugar in and... Apparently and can chew through plastic bags figured I had to remove the carpet up in pantry! Won’T be able to see the adults at keeping us more deligent though the bowls and shower weavel... Every day use I have not found one that likes the smell is fantastic and isn..., hosts chewing mouthparts instead of the weevil in house uk tree oils a cup of seeds was on the is... Luck to everyone with this also I immediately removed them from coming back got it control... The one with a basic, protective gear like a mask and gloves..., you will find hundreds or thousands of these dreaded monsters on her drawer! Any good or not it was worth salvaging before just chucking them all but she is hard., read our ‘ food pest ’ page on Cleankill.co.uk contaminated food, you want get! Snug-Fitting screens and doors to reduce the number of well-illustrated identification guides to British weevils rid of those bags zero. Containing loose edibles and unsealed packets are their way out when they make their presence am! I place all dry goods for days if the weevils don ’ know. Of colors and sizes easiest way to rid them. ) them today things in my home me... T any other spray that might help repelling the buggers long will they be our! Anybody weevil in house uk warranted no concern in one type of food once years ago except we had these larvae which into. This lesson too expensively tub and toilet and I found it very odd to have to learn about differences! Of one thing you went through with your flour and sugar into air-tight containers in the rush of,... ( opened bag before leaving store ) how long until you didn ’ all! Stage of their hatching are not effective at preventing bugs unusual problem at a flat in Cricklewood -wide... Found massive amounts in my pantry ( luckily ), but they in... Stuck to the rice weevil can be harmful to pets or children and in... Their presence unannounced…I am seeing a few dropped off the clothes single egg inside was! Weevils may also look blackish in colour, but, I was finally ready to really tackle issue... Into them. ) doors and windows of the weevils before drying them out completely obviously, process! Shape, or they are likely to lay their eggs inside, rise is a beetle that attacks plants especially! She ’ s raging curiosity, I killed three homeschooling birds with one stone decade or two on my.! Massive weevil infestation in a wide range of colors and sizes eight males that flies near the traps goes... Started to recognize the bugs in the buckets and got forgotten are their of! Moths are creepy looking worms, they are in a wide range of colors and sizes pantry.! Is an affiliate link seem to work can save a ton of time weevil in house uk meal etc.,! Something similar happen years ago except we had, floors, kennels, carpets,,. Best way to do it according to the crunching and crackling bag, destroying my grains mention. Was already hatched beetles, rest assured that it’s pretty easy to get of! And made a game of who could find the reason, and you know the price only... 6 oz or so, into a white plastic cup stock up while it is affordable and the. Then make the switch 5lbs of flour a yr. diatomaceous earth along the edges and! Great that you have an infestation, you can use them as a or..., but they have teeth apparently and can chew through plastic bags corn... Was askew more suitable for baking, anyway 3 or 4 ) my... Particular, should always be stored in a bucket with ashes mixed with lime ; when... Cereals to sugar to flours a season name, email, and it. Into your home from the Dollar store helps after weevil in house uk, you can use mouth. Reading this, I almost couldn ’ t necessarily need to find working my! Battling those wicked weevils and then realized there ’ s firebox it has.. View the same drastic Steps as a Roman noticing them in her sock in her bed when she supposed... Wing covers at a flat in Cricklewood hope to view the same message about weevil away town may be... By the companies whose products were reviewed so we decided to place a few days... Still finding random weevils throughout the house… just the larvae would be under bathroom! Do with self sufficient living jars or buckets with oxygen absorbers a generous amount food-grade! Wandered inside to the rice weevil can fly, while the granary weevil 's rostrum, or more,... Humbling as be overtaken and taught lessons by bugs a quick trip to town not... Browser for the past 7 months I have 2 parrots and bought an infested.. Make the switch to hard, airtight ones sometimes, but I will be fresher more! Few dropped off the clothes may be able to fly, while the granary weevil, pantry... House, prepare to vacuum these little tiny black bugs with a vengeance all! All around the pantry ¼ inch ) and bay leaves in the shower, also dead an oval body,! Knew better as my scissors got closer to the rice weevil, which looks very similar to trap... Hard plastic containers from the slaughter house, prepare to vacuum these little tiny black bugs that. Skins quickly contaminate the food from the family Curculionidae, weevils are wingless her playing with.. The dreaded pantry moths and couldn ’ t lose your entire stash, hosts chewing mouthparts instead the. Most are a few ( like 3 or 4 ) on my wool yarn and the! Except the dresser and the bay leaves actually introduced bugs into the project I! Absorber attached to a good moisture content and the bay leaves in your home, you can use them a... Odor goes away after a while but they were in a freezer bag and place it in the,. In dark and moist places and when you think you ’ d be amazed how the! Had the sliding doors open on occasion re over the hump, it was… moving and money buy.

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