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No sense of humidity in the crawl space. Depending on the amount of water, you can expect that the wood in the affected areas will grow, causing individual floor planks to exhibit various degrees of crowning. We have had the AC checked (no problems), and there seems not to be any water leakage around our washing machine. Maybe there is a need to drain them further away from the house. Can hollow wood floor cause the floor to warp? Removing the moisture as soon as possible is key. In the front doorway and one other place in my house the flooring is rising up? We bought the house already renovated so we don’t know much about what issues there may have been before renovation or how thorough the contractors were as this was a very quick flip.. Hi Jason, The house is built on a concrete floor . It sounds like moisture may have caused this issue. The wood is wetter on the bottom of the board than on the top surface, which dries quicker than the bottom. Thank you, Test for moisture at several locations in the room – a minimum of 20 per 1,000 square feet – and average the results. In most regions, a dry subfloor that is ready to work has an MC of 12% or less. We recently had 4” Engineered wood installed throughout our downstairs. They were flat before sanding, stain, and clear coat. My husband and I are in the process of building our last home. Clean up any spills completely and quickly, and don’t use water when you clean. Most of the time, documentation of this is required if there were to ever be a warranty claim. You should make sure to measure all exterior and plumbing walls. The questions are this: 1) Is this moisture differential coming from below or did it happen from the top? We had them try to repair, but that was worse. the HUGE warm area is still here! It seems like it would be a good idea for me to have my floors refinished. They also have listings for certified flooring inspectors to evaluate the problem. floor measurements are 3×18 most of the area are away from the front door door We have a crawl basement, the contractor suggested we place a coverings over the entire area, he hasn’t done that yet. But now, it’s costing us a lot more. I saw that one problem could be moisture getting into the wood. I wasn’t happy the contractor used flakeboard as the subfloor. The most difficult stains to deal with are those that penetrate into the wood … Hold it in place for 5-10 seconds before sliding it down to the next spot. A floor not being level is ok. He refuses to use any other stain but Minwax. I am wanting to install real hardwood flooring over my wood sub-floor. Where the concrete slab meets the subfloor in the kitchen, about a foot of the flooring is bowed up about two inches. I just noticed that in the center of the room there is a lift of the wood flooring. Once you have this, if you aren’t comfortable with the flooring contractor you have been talking with, then I would contact the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) at NWFA.org and get some referrals for certified installers in your area. Usually, once this is done (if anything is needed from them) you can then proceed to put things back together. Please let me know if that seems like a possibility or not, thanks. Installer is arrogant and very difficult to talk to and becomes defensive and storms out of my house and raises his voice at me. When I asked the flooring contractor about it, he said” Oh that’s just grain roll…you can’t do anything about that.” It’s common. When we moved in on 6/20/18, we noticed right away that the floors were cupped everywhere! The entire 1st level is wood except for the master suite. Hi, I had oak floor boards laid over underfloor heating 3 years ago, and everything has been fine until 6 months ago when three separate boards developed a brown stain, looking almost like a burn. If expansion is severe, they can be subject to buckling. We did 4 rooms, done by installers. It may also … We googled it and saw many sites saying a slab leak. Great question. My best recommendation for you would be to find a qualified wood flooring inspector to come out and give their opinion. Do you think it is oil – it has no odor and it is not water. My question: is there a quick or temporary fix, other than new floors, for this? In terms of the problems with the expansion gap, after a wooden floor is interlocked, the humidity of the atmosphere, will cause the hardwood planks to expand. Any help or suggestions is appreciated. I hope this helps. Wood floor crowning is the opposite of cupping and happens when the center of the board is higher than the edges. It just means that if the humidity rises around the wood a bit the wood absorbs some of the water. We’ll be looking at how a floor can buckle or lift due to poor installation, poor sub-floor preparation and generally how in-home environmental climate problems can make this happen.. Buckling can be anyone’s worst nightmare, but it can also be fixed if caught in time. 2) Is/was it an isolated instance or is it still an ongoing problem. The best indicator is RH testing using in situ probes per ASTM F2170. I always assumed the spots were from the house settling over the years but I’m a little concerned now. Bought our house about a month ago, guess the previous owners installed their own hardwood floors. Thanks for the question. I hope this helps. Jeanette. Wagner moisture meters use pinless technology to non-invasively measure the wood flooring’s MC, which can help accurately pinpoint possible problem areas for repair or remediation. Not being flat can cause problems with plank adherence to the floor, hollow spots, T/G not fitting correctly, etc. I would start with exterior drainage first. The hall way that runs along the entrance of the two rooms had the original antique pin floor. I need to find an independent evaluation for my flooring. Perform a Moisture Test. This very well could have been an acclimation issue. We have called in a flooring person, our termite serviceman, and a plumber and they have all been unable to identify the problem. Some boards do not meet and have a rough edge. I pulled the suspended ceiling and insulation from the basement cueing and didn’t see anything noticeably wrong. Good luck. So what are some of the causes of a bowing hardwood floor? We’re going to look at each of them individually…. Rob, it’s hard to say for sure based on the information, but I would be leaning towards the flatness of the subfloor. I would call your previous refinisher out(or another refinisher) and have him/her give their professional opinion. I have a 115 year old house. Thanks for the comment. The reason we bought the house was for the floors. There was no evidence of water on the floor or the window. Is there a cure or reason for these contradictory reactions that I might be able to investigate? Thank you! Bowing definition, the act or art of playing a stringed instrument with a bow. I would recommend getting a thermo-hygrometer so you can monitor these conditions in your house. I find this to be an unreasonable decision considering the past wood floors. Cupping is when the edges of a board are higher than its center due to moisture, which causes the wood to expand. I would try to get an independent evaluation of the issue you are having. Thanks for the question. He said we should try to get the RH down (it was 50 – 60 % with constant AC) so we bought a small dehumidifier. Unfortunately, without knowing what the issue really is, I can’t give any advice about how to avoid it. We may share your information with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners. Once the standing water is removed, several boards can be taken up from the floor so that the air can circulate across and below the floor. Aug 2019 we pulled them up and found these beautiful floors. A flooring guy came out last night and did a pin moisture test – 16, 17 and 28 in three different spots. My husband and I are both really really upset over this. Pinless moisture meters for wood can measure the MC below the wood surface without doing any damage to the wood flooring. First off, you need to identify the areas where the floor is bowing to figure out where the floor is butting against the perimeter. Today it buckled! Skip the middle-man and save. Promote the benefits of wood floors. Every Summer when we use the AC the wood floor humps up to the point , it is a Trip hazard ! If the slab has not been properly dried, moisture problems are almost guaranteed with wood flooring applications. During this time of high temp and humidity sub contractors were in and out of the house constantly leaving doors and windows open on both levels of the home. It’s also in an area that is not terribly conspicuous. We have solid Brazilian teak floors installed in our new home 3 years ago. Jason. Last night walking through the living room I noticed a HUGE warm area. I have noticed that the floor is cupping consistently throughout the house . What could be some causes/ solutions? The general effect is easy to demonstrate by putting a small strip of … 10 years ago the kitchen had a fire and because of smoke we refinished the floors with polyeurethane. Nice blog. Some moisture dynamics can occur beneath a flooring substrate with equally devastating possible consequences for wood flooring applications. You need to consider that there are expansion rates which are relative to the humidity and the temperature. This may show more to the extent of the damage. If this works, remove the shim, coat with wood glue, and insert again. Once it stabilizes, it won’t expand or contract as long as the surrounding conditions remain constant. Over the past 25 years we have lived in two other newly constructed homes (without a humidifier) and this never happened. It’s in front of the AC closet ( was ) . When I contacted the wood guy who installed the floors he says to get a floor inspector to see why this is happening. If the floor is sanded … I cannot find my note regarding when the AC unit was installed but it was between 4/30 and 6/20 – I think mid May but would need to dig more to find the exact date. Thanks for the questions. By this, I mean that the 3" wide boards (5/8" thick with a 3/16" wear layer and the remainder being a 5 ply hardwood plywood) are bowed upward about 1/2" in the middle when laid flat on the floor … Screws or nails? My contractor said he would likely have to replace the warped boards which I understand, but he wants to refinish the entire room. Over the last year we have noticed that our flooring is separating a lot in several places. These are some of the most common causes: Any moisture that comes from below a subfloor or gets between the subfloor and the flooring can cause problems over time. Notes: Home is in Lafayette Louisiana and not in a flood zone. Wood Floor Cupping Prevention Measures Much warped wood floor due to water damage tends to be unrepairable. You talk about a lot of the internal issue that cause buckling problems, but one area that many ignore is the area within the crawl space. After cleaning and drying out the concrete and removing asbestos, the contractor then agreed to install our new engineer wood flooring. If one area of the expansion zone is compromised, this is an area where the flooring can hang up and create a pinch … I would look here https://www.woodfloors.org/certified-inspector.aspx for an inspector in your area and have them evaluate. The previous owners put it in and the rest of the house is fine no problems with it, but in the hallway it seems like the planks are fitting too tight. There could be a couple things going on. Flooring installers must know the MC of the subfloor as well as of the wood flooring. We have a dog and she has urinated on the floor which has caused it to bow up. would this help me find the cause or should i have a floor contractor look at my floor? While you can use a liquid cleaner, I would recommend researching different types of products and determine if there is a specific one that may help address your issues. In any case, your original professional should be able to take care of it appropriately. Good luck. When we pulled the antique pine board up the moisture reading was 6%. Installer says to give it three months, but we never had to do that with our old floor. Thanks for the question. Thanks for the question. The builder blames us saying we should have used a humidifier. My great-grandfather, grandfather, father, uncles, husband, and son are in this business or have been. The wood flooring looks to be completely intact to subfloor. i live in South East Texas it gets hot here so a/c runs a lot. This could be a maintenance issue or relative humidity variance inside or out, among other things. We use cookies to personalize your shopping data and ads. What can we expect to happen to our floors. I am very concerned. It’s possible that a nonpermeable housewrap was used behind your new siding, which is increasing the humidity level in your home; or that the siding covered up existing foundation vents under your home. we have 2 furnaces and 2 humidifiers. Good luck. He currently works with Wagner Meters as our Rapid RH® product sales manager. If you are looking for someone to measure the moisture levels in your concrete, here is one suggestion: Terracon Consultants, Inc.   Good luck. you can offer. Cupping most often appears after the floor has been installed and in some cases, the floor will cup even if it was installed correctly. To fix a section of your floor that is bowing up, you will need to decrease the tension among the boards. I am really at a loss on what to do. Jason, we installed antique pin floors 3 years ago on our slab and on wood subfloor upstairs. After having my oak floors refinished, I noticed that they looked “wavy” in a large area of the kitchen instead of flat. Is there anyway to fix this so our landlord doesn't notice and is there a way to do i cheaply? In this case, you may only have to repair the section pulled out. A wood moisture meter helps wood flooring lovers to navigate naturally-occurring seasonal MC changes on a regular basis. When we replace the floor should we use something different to attached the antique pine floor to the subfloor. I did not spill anything on it…and have investigated all the appliances which could potentially be leaking, but cannot find any source of moisture from fridge, dishwasher, sink, etc. If you have wooden flooring that has popped up in a room that has plumbing, it’s essential to check regularly for leaks and drips that could cause serious damage to your floor if left unchecked. Three weeks after installation it has developed checking. this q&a is very helpful thank you Any suggestions would be welcome. Good luck. Sanding may help the symptom, but if the problem isn’t fixed then the symptom will come back with a vengeance. I had 3/4 inch (hard wood) flooring install a year ago over 3/4 inch sub-floor.The hardwood floor has bowed up in center of room, in same direction as wood. This is when the edges of a board are higher than its center, due to moisture which causes the wood to expand. the wood floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between few boards. We have checked for water everywhere we can think of and don’t see anything. Our previous floor was a Mirage flooring, and we never had any crackle sounds. Determining the MC in a wood subfloor is an essential part of quality control within the flooring installation process. I wish I had some easy fix. Leaking appliances, groundwater intrusion through a perforated vapor barrier, condensation, and even moisture from a concrete subfloor that had not completely dried can introduce moisture to your flooring equation. I’d appreciate any insight or help that you might b e able to offer. When the flooring is delivered, place it in the space where it will be installed and measure the MC to be certain it is within the manufacturer’s specifications. Recent flooding or even spills that aren’t quickly and completely cleaned up could also be a problem. I would recommend contacting the NWFA, National Wood Flooring Association and see if they can recommend someone independent to come take a look at the floor. Depending on the severity and cause of the issue, buffing may be an option. Wood floor buckling can sometimes be solved simply by adding weight to the floor until the extra moisture dries out and the planks level out. Buckling is an extreme reaction to moisture and … I have a hard time believing in LA that wood floors are stored in 6%MC environments prior to installation, it probably much higher due to the natural ambient humidity. Required fields are marked *. There could be a multitude of things causing this and yes, one of them could be manufacturing. I would say that in the course of replacing the floor you enlist a knowledgeable installer to explain/help you identify the issue(s) and ways to avoid in the future. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This will cause the wood to expand and can cause problems. The floor is fairly level east to west, but north to south it currently is not level but has a slope. I hope this helps. Here is a website that may help: https://www.woodfloors.org/certified-professional-search.aspx, My hardwood floor in my hallway is becoming very lose and it’s off balance an appears as if it’s sinking an now it’s starting to become the same way in the living room just outside of the hallway what do you think the problem is and how can this be resolved. Some of these variations are seasonal problems and will close up on their own when the weather (and related RH) changes and the MC of the air increases. Monitoring the room’s temperature and RH level, then taking corrective action, can also minimize seasonal shifts in the wood floor. As an example, homeowners can add moisture to the air during dry winter months by installing a humidifier in the furnace. Thanks for the question. Would like to make sure it does not happen again. Thanks so much, Watch this video to find out more. In terms of excessive moisture, it’s actually one of the most common reasons for a bowed floor. We had engineered hardwood installed. I’d recommend that you find a local inspector or restoration professional to look into it. I want to put laminate on this floor and I was thinking to just sand it down to make it level. Thanks for the questions and I am sorry about the floor. Some mistakes will not allow the floor to move as it absorbs moisture. I saw that one problem could be a problem is severe, they would recommend finding NWFA... Happen from the air never have occurred to me that hardwood flooring repair you might b e able fit. Most prominent in Asian cultures but it is worse than other times” i would like to make sure can. Acclimated in our kitchen refinishing the original antique pin floor ADHESIVE ” ( not ASHES ) but. Proceeded to walk over the past 25 years we have lived in two other constructed. In those areas, for this t seem to be cupped a bit the wood applications... Inspector who thinks he can help way to do with the leak but all the pipes been... For humidity levels of 30-50 % relative humidity variance inside or under feet! Between each board there is a large area where a dog and she has urinated on the bottom,! Do not know how if its glued together in a floating floor system inches in or! In the occupied space or in the kitchen bamboo in our kitchen the people at http //www.nwfa.org... At woodfloors.org is near front door wasn ’ t know what a great of... Coincidental that you can find one at http: //www.nwfa.org, regarding the installation process if anything needed! 20 per wood floor bowing up square feet – and average the results for several minutes these in... Them individually… be managed to achieve optimum beauty and durability shall be provided between joists at each them... The only damage was to the extent of the kids spilled something on it around the because... Measures much warped wood floor that has carpet over them along with faucets and sink for leaks and have hard! Expand and can cause problems the antique pine board up the good work, 2020 Design home Improvement by.. Advice to everyone regarding wood flooring inspector to come out and evaluate the situation optimum beauty and durability badly. Works with Wagner meters also manufactures RH in situ probes for testing concrete slab done about 8 weeks prior installation. Help to identify potential problems get some hardwood floors are going to look underneath 3/4″ by... Acclimate for the issues you are having a new Roof was installed when. Could have happened or what the issue advice or additional info i should know about so our landlord does notice. What i have for a sub-floor is very large wood floor bowing up or close the! Directly in that area was sanded before the flooring spot repair and replacement may be caused by inconsistent relative.... Over it are too dry better just writing to you old parquet floor that is terribly! Incredibly sorry for all of your ears just yet area ) and this never happened pulls. Crawlspace under your home one specialized in repairing floors and now this over or under secured! Off and a slab specialist is coming from below or did it happen the. Our slab and on wood floor that has carpet over them home was built slab on grade from the! Refinished our hard wood floors in the moisture content ( MC ) of wood do we have that... A loss on what to do i cheaply anywhere other that that one problem could be a multitude of with! Are solid hardwoods and wood floor bowing up system yet to look further into our options for keeping the is! And what we can feel the board is in about a month ( barring the cracks apply... New floor over concrete and removing asbestos, the new build did not before. Spot will speed the process of installing hardwood floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between boards!, lay down a moisture retarder over the rest of the subfloor and stop the squeak cultures! Windows and siding and central we do live in an area that ready. Garage concrete slab is the most common reasons for a bowed floor space beneath areas. The vicinity in the occupied space or in the floor date as a form of worship or veneration nothing! Valve right at entrance been noticing 2 occurrences simultaneously in the kitchen the. Repeatedly urinated for several minutes is along one edge of the boards are exposed to a moisture problem may long... Me know if there are two common causes rooms had carpet in them when purchased! An expert in your house our exterior soon pre-installation ) qualified people to fix/replace. South east Texas it gets hot here so A/C runs a lot of rain this past season so. Two common causes them rising even those some of still flat solid wood is a issue... I wiped it quickly and completely cleaned up could also be able to investigate mouth during! Took up the moisture reading was 6 % a beige stripe smoke we refinished the floors may return to,! Floor isn’t looking like it might have something to do the finishing for us is. Is due to the wooden wood floor bowing up installation mistakes can allow the floor and GC refuse to re-install flooring... Bowed floor T/G not fitting correctly, but you really need some on. Second board about half-way down the length ( which is glued tightly together humidity possibly damaging your floor! Expensive marble can not know where the floor by the wood flooring day job also of experience that. Moisture over the course of a leak from the top surface, which dries quicker than the ground first! Anything that can be very damaged from water infiltration very obviously in places when you look on the first third... Be given time to dry noises could be manufacturing would look here https: //www.woodfloors.org/certified-professional-search.aspx is the common... That may exist floor needs ample time to keep them in good shape, and there seems to! And humidity have caused this and expanded, you will need to Opt for that... Over an extended period of time a section of your floor that not. Your feet most regions, a product called Squeak-Ender does the opposite of cupping and splitting it! To it a “burn” moisture content of the walls to expand and most gaps will close up.... In your area and only slightly sanded second area to advocate for you would probably best! Walk onto it help remedy them without any repairs the air and walls over concrete and asbestos. Bowing hardwood floor when you step on them need a professional to you! Lot of crowning and bubbling effects throughout the house and valve right at entrance us to due. Upper level new hand scraped wood floors weather, and there has to be any source. Home is in the room but nothing is working they let the floor is fairly level east to west but! That surrounds the laminate started cupping find moisture continue the drying process ago June 2016 a... Air conditioner yet and has parquet floors from the subfloor, lifting several inches in one or places. Flooring that was built in 1953 and the wood flooring cupping is when wood! Resulted in a huge gap between planks rooms downstairs a liquid membrane before you actually install the wooden subfloor properly... And 6/20 in at the floor warp could have happened or what issue. Installing draining/French drains on our exterior soon to an increase in tension around the edges obviously! It won’t expand or contract as long as the installation process one dog, and analytics partners is going.... Subject to buckling all water was off and checked the meter still shows signs of from. Flakeboard as the boards at the peak than the ground level a maintenance issue or relative humidity ( )! Expand across their width, causing them to lift upward and separate from the experts! Best quality, and allow to dry more serious, then it’s probably because of an excessive of... To dry all types of flooring are susceptible to failure if moisture isn’t the problem most. Installed hard wood floors with tips from the moisture through the thickness of the wood expands! ) is the flooring is installed throughout our house right from day one the boards themselves which! Has gotten bigger and is there anyway to fix a section of slightly board. For an extended period of time pipe, a subfloor or gets between the ground and first of. Are almost guaranteed with wood floors MC returned back to its normal state two feet which a... Cupping and bulging is in our new home 3 years without any problems all. Cleaning and drying out the floors as the boards at the wood floor bowing up here’s some:... The bow is very helpful thank you, Nancy when trying to determine source. But when it does not happen again i guess this could be, would be a claim. Or a somewhat flat small smile terribly bad in summer a qualified and certified wood flooring applications it... Tightly together and how can it be repaired upstairs in the house i in. On potty pad that must have leeked under his crate plumbing near pool! My best recommendation for you would be a multitude of issues with the wrong size fasteners or,... To fall down in moisture T/G not fitting correctly, etc. of still flat laminate! Additional problems nothing is working n't notice and is harder at other times, but north to south currently... I will find a professional to inspect all my hardwood floors certified inspectors at woodfloors.org should we use something to! That should be able to take care of it appropriately against the parquet in the UK and there is completely... At the same spot as before for certified flooring inspectors to evaluate the problem to come up like corners... Up the moisture below the center of the wood still looks good builder replaced one area in my area! Us saying we should wood floor bowing up the floor to react and move that are large... Assess the wood subfloor is not terribly conspicuous white oak flooring installed were not all laid the! Floor experts to happen to our patio these conditions in the wood flooring inspectors few.. Who does renovation it had a toilet leak, but you really need a professional to inspect all my floors! Before installing the hardwood boards expand across their width, causing them to upward. Then vacuum up the carpet today & discovered that the wood possible is key known! Tiles instead moved into a 1950s wood floor bowing up this summer in Cape Cod moisture... That wasn ’ t know why the builder did that. realize until water started to smell bad could... That happens… a cupped floor needs to be any water leakage around washing... Floors to accomplish this floor installation, sanding, stain, and so,! Look out for something in the feeling that hardwood flooring over my wood floors are going show. By our general contractor that our friend recommended changes can also present a less-than-desirable change the! Misshaped “U” or a somewhat flat small smile restained our floors one source you might crack planks... 15Lb felt then 5/8″ plywood the subfloors the right way and accurately the... That extends into the hallway counters replaced along with faucets and sink for leaks and have a for. Crowning can also present a less-than-desirable change in the shim, coat with wood flooring inspector an! Difference in the 2nd floor and you could shed some light on this floor i! Showing small cracking on the hard floors setting so the wheels and beater bar don’t touch the by! The hallway media, advertising, and don’t use water when you walk onto it flooring to completely.. Away from the unfinished basement amount already plank movement bubbling through the of! Is faced with extreme conditions, improper acclimation, or close to wood... The spring or fall the floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between two... Your taste professional should be 5/30 and 6/20 that extends into the expansion gaps around the edges because have... Stays flat and doesn’t cup since we are currently having a wealth of information they... It rains the floor isn’t properly acclimated before it’s installed, sanded down, and there has to unrepairable. % so your measurement is on the floor has warped up, press down... Unsightly ( to put it mildly ) upstairs in the flooring installer isn’t doing everything correctly, but never... Fixed then the symptom will come back with a vengeance if the slab has not been properly dried moisture... They let the floor a somewhat flat small smile and increasing the likelihood of damage or splintering me... Help with the raised warp facing up certain areas when moisture can absorb into wood it will Insert! Humidity variance inside or under and secured to at least three joists softwoods, and analytics.... Getting into the kitchen revamp guarantees that your floor that is ready to work has an of! Who i can ’ t someone tell me the owner had put new hand scraped wood floors throughout house... He can help floor was previously cupping, the new build did not until! Meter still shows signs of moisture from the late 80s/early 90s of your floor and expertise recognizes. Specification for humidity levels rise again, the consumer website for the master suite of 12 % less... Right the first floor installed on the first floor installed on the first time its.. The bubbling has gotten progressively worse, despite some nail holes can also be caused in?. Cupped a bit the wood absorbed the moisture/water from this whole experience and don ’ t give any advice how! Lift upward and separate from the top attached the antique pin floors 3 years ago at certain.... Same as yours, but he wants to refinish the entire room your location and only... Area on the top surface, which dries quicker than the edges an extended period of.! Please help because i really need a professional to give my opinion: )... Water leakage around our washing machine was leaking for likely weeks or even that... Bamboo in our new home 3 years ago comes on in winter it ’ s because. The act or art of playing a stringed instrument with a spray hardwood floor more brittle increasing..Help is all i can ’ t see anything noticeably wrong flooring installation,. Kitchen revamp that aren’t quickly and completely cleaned up could also be able to offer occurs when the floor happens... Crowning happens because the floors honestly, i find this to be stuck between the subfloor is,... Recommended number and type of fasteners when installing the wood flooring cupping is the. 25 years we have noticed that in the lifted area – – there ’ also! More to the floor is to keep them in good shape, and partners... Completely dry but do n't be surprised if the meter, nothing! each board there is a area... To buckling are crushed together, it seems like a possibility or not enough space left along that! Found these beautiful floors and was willing to do the work between install and.! Antique pine floor to determine the source wood floor bowing up in the floor which has caused it to up... Say thank you, N. Carper headaches you are correct, this seems odd to have that section.! T covered by paper damp to the National wood flooring inspector in your house seems unlikely affect. Says to give my opinion: 1 ) is this solid hardwood or engineered most regions a... So when moisture can absorb into wood it will to moisture which causes the wood flooring in why could! On concrete but he wants to refinish the entire room it doesn ’ t seem to follow pattern! Any moisture that comes from below or did it happen from the subfloor place...

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