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Deutch put his arm around her. But not very many folks with Sandberg’s platform and pain have talked about it, with the intent of starting a movement. Sheryl Sandberg Is Engaged to Tom Bernthal After Being Set Up by Her Late Husband's Brother The happy news comes nearly five years after the Facebook COO lost her husband, Dave Goldberg As the 2010s close, Sandberg is one of the faces of the company that for many … Today Sheryl Sandberg is known as a leading Silicon Valley executive and a champion of working women. “I got so much of this wrong, so much of this wrong,” she says in her glass-walled conference room, which is identified by a small plaque near the door that reads, ONLY GOOD NEWS. “I didn’t feel like I was going to explode into a ball of flames every time I had to answer.”. There’s a song that has all the names of the U.S. presidents, and so my kids were learning the names of all the presidents, and my daughter, at four, looked at me and her first question was, “Mommy, why are they all boys? She has replaced the photo of a beach at dusk in her bedroom with one of a beach during the day. By Mike Isaac, Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang. A spokesperson for Facebook suggested that executives including Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg may censor specific information if they believe it is likely to heighten political tensions … But the calls for her to go are getting louder. Interesting Facts and Insights about Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl Sandberg: Progress for Women Isn’t Just Slow—It’s Stalled The Facebook chief operating officer and founder of LeanIn.Org says the first step to closing the gender gap is ensuring … That evening she called Zuckerberg to see if she should even be there. Her newest book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, is a primer for those who are bereaved, to help them recover and find happiness. If you go to the Review Web site and type in Sheryl Sandberg, one of the first items that comes up is a Case Study entitled Portrait of a Leader: Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook recently implemented a slew of new bereavement and family-illness leave policies, which she hopes will pressure other tech companies to follow suit. Interesting Facts and Insights about Sheryl Sandberg. When Caryn Marooney was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after she was asked to head up global communications at Facebook, Sandberg encouraged her to take the promotion. What Sandberg learned, with the help of Grant, was that there are three myths people cling to that make it harder to spring back from adversity. “I got that wrong.”, Almost 10 million women are single mothers in the U.S., and about one-third of those households live in ­poverty—something that enrages Sandberg. The lessons, which she says she wishes she knew when her first marriage ended in divorce, didn’t come easily. She avoids talking about it, but in Option B she writes that “nothing has come close to the pain of this moment. That small vote of confidence led to one of the biggest changes Sandberg made in her management style: she no longer automatically diverts work from people facing personal adversity. “I think Facebook’s heart is in the right place sometimes. She’s a billionaire in no danger of losing her job, no matter how much time she takes off. This surprised Sandberg as much as anyone: “It reminded me of how one day in my neighborhood I watched a house that had taken years to build get torn down in a matter of minutes,” she writes in Option B. Sheryl Sandberg: I have a great story for you. Or you can try to find meaning. “She tries to make her birthdays as joyful as possible.” On Goldberg’s birthday, the kids play poker, his favorite game, in which they are being coached by Palihapitiya, who has competed in the World Series of Poker championships.

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